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  • 10 Tips On Building a Community for Your Company Using Twitter

    by Christian | March 9, 2010

    Using Twitter is not a waste of time. It is a great tool to quickly build a community of targeted prospects for your company.

    PR and social media blogger, Sarah Evans provides a great post that includes these 10 tips on how to build a community with Twitter.

    1. Create a user-friendly Twitter ID (@yourname)
    2. Search for people to follow
    3. Learn the lingo
    4. Know who “@” replies to you
    5. Add your Twitter ID to all of your signatures
    6. Reach out and say something
    7. Read the bio of those who follow you
    8. Promote others and share your best information
    9. Learn the etiquette
    10. Find out who some of the big players are

    Read Sarah’s complete article HOW TO: Build Community on Twitter