Mac Teachers

Mac Teachers

The development of the Mac Teachers brand started with an interesting challenge. Mac Teachers was to be the flagship subsidiary to a start-up holding company named Infinity Media & Computer Solutions. Infinity would be it's own entity and Mac Teachers and Creation Arts Agency was to round out Infinity's portfolio. The three companies needed to have their brand identity's developed simultaneously, each with its own distinct characteristics but all needed to be identified as related companies. Airplane offered four initial logo concepts.

Infinity Logo Options

The selected set of logos was based around an abstracted infinity (∞) symbol. The three logos in the family all contained a large circle and a small circle in the same proximity to one another. The small and larger circles are alone in Infinity's logo, keeping closest to pure mathematical infinity symbol. The small circle orbits the large circle to create a large head and small head with a book for Mac Teachers, an additional line was added to make the large circle representative of the power button on Apple computers. The small circle then continues its orbit to and a rectangle is placed behind the set to represent a camera and flash for creation arts agency.

Here is the final set.

Infinity Media & Computer Solutions Logos

The next phase in the Mac Teacher brand development was to create a website. Customer dialogue is a core value for Mac Teachers. That's why Airplane Corporation created a site with a blog for every Mac Teacher employee, a live chat option to speak with teacher while you browse the site and a live feed from Mac Teachers' Facebook fan page.

Mac Teachers Home Page

Here is an example of a teacher specific interior blog page.

Mac Teachers Blog Page

At the completion of the branding, positioning statements and site design we developed a geo-targeted online campaign to increase awareness and capture leads. The campaign consisted of Google AdWords and contextually placed rich media banner ads.

Banner Ad.

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