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  • If You Don’t “Like” This Post, I Lose All My Social Credibility

    by Christian | December 22, 2010

    It's unfortunate, but this mindset is becoming a reality in the social web.

    Brands are turning to services such as Klout, a company that measures a persons online influence, to identify socially credible influencers. These influencers become the brands ideal customers in hopes that they will speak well of their experiences with the brand across their attentive social networks.

    Great idea, right? In some cases, yes, let the consumer do the work. Treat your customers right and they will become brand ambassadors.

    As I see it, the problem lies not with the social credibility model, but with the metrics used to identify who has credibility and who doesn't. Socially engaged people tend to engage with other socially engaged people. Heavy users of Facebook and Twitter spend the vast majority of their time engaging with other heavy users of Facebook and Twitter. Technology is becoming a huge part of advertising industry, and you can rely on an algorithm to tell you who has the most retweets and 'likes' but to rely on an algorithm to tell you who has developed the strongest real emotional human connections is a mistake.

    Technology can't develop relationships, only genuine people and genuine brands can. I know it can be easy to look at numbers and make decisions, but we can't sacrifice great relationships for great metrics.

  • Gatorade’s Social Media Command Center

    by Christian | June 16, 2010

    Here is a great example of one of the worlds most recognizable brands putting social media at the center of it's marketing efforts. While social media is no longer a new concept, companies are still struggling with how to integrate it into their marketing campaigns. This video gives you a brief glimpse of how Gatorade is monitoring, tracking, analyzing and proactively engaging their customers in a conversation.

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  • Steve Jobs’ Advice to Nike: “Get Rid of the Crappy Stuff”

    by Christian | April 27, 2010

    Nike president and CEO Mark Parker discusses a conversation he had with Apple head honcho Steve Jobs in this short clip from Fast Company’s "Innovation Uncensored" conference. Job' advice for the sporting goods company? "Get rid of the crappy stuff." Simple, yet brilliant.

  • Is Chatroulette An Effective Way To Talk With Your Client?

    by Christian | April 12, 2010

    For some brands the answer is yes.

    With 10 million monthly users, there is no doubt Chatroulette is one of the hottest trends in social media right now. And brands such as French Connection, Burger King and Travelocity are among the early adopters of this new media channel.

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  • Social Networking vs Social Media

    by Christian | April 12, 2010

    Here is a nice little post from Patrick Keane. He talks about the difference between social networking and social media.

    From the article:

    Social networking is more than setting up an online presence, and social media is more than just blasting out press releases. Until brands understand how to authentically join, rather than crash, the conversation, they will continue to throw their money away.