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  • ‘The Last Exorcism’ of ChatRoulette Girl

    by Christian | August 20, 2010

    Here's another great example of how a creative idea combined with social media can create great buzz for any campaign.

  • BP, prudent to understand that the internet is a crucial part of spreading their message.

    by Laura | June 29, 2010

    Regardless of one’s opinion on the BP oil crisis, there is no question that the company has been working hard to broadcast their message. BP is a high profile example of how a company can use digital, social and traditional media, as well as PR to get their message to the world.

    The company is using traditional outlets such as print ads and television spots, but has also adopted tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube to spread their message. BP, which didn’t previously have a YouTube channel, now has one of the most subscribed channels with over 800,000 views.  BP also created a microsite dedicated to the oil spill cleanup operations, hosted on the company's main Web site. This is an important outlet to present up-to-date information on what viewers are interested in seeing.

    BP was prudent to understand that the internet is a crucial part of spreading their message. However, the digital world is a transparent one – and BP is quickly learning this. Social media, although a great tool to convey content, is simply a tool. BP must still produce engaging content to communicate. Modern communication tools allow the message to spread easily, even if the message is that CEO Tony Hayward wants to get his life back.

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  • Neilson Report on Facebook Ad Effectiveness

    by Christian | April 20, 2010

    Please note that much of the content from this post comes from Jennifer Van Grove's article on Mashable.

    Nielsen analyzed over six months of survey data from 800,000 Facebook users in response to more than 125 Facebook ad campaigns from 70 different brand advertisers. After analyzing the data the study concluded that earned media and social advocacy contributed to Facebookers being much more likely to notice ads, absorb their content and make purchases.

    The data clearly shows that the social advocacy of earned media played a substantial role in the performance of homepage ads on Facebook. According to the data, ad recall grew from 10% to 16%, awareness doubled from 4% to 8% and purchase intent quadrupled from 2% to 8%. That last metric is perhaps the most telling, and shows that when a Facebook user advocates for an ad, the ad is 4x more likely to result in a purchase.

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  • IBM Study – The End of Advertising As We Know It

    by Christian | March 14, 2010

    The next 5 years will hold more change for the advertising industry than the previous 50 did.

    The information in this post is based on IBM global survey of more than 2,400 consumers and 80 advertising experts. You can read the full report here.

    Based on the IBM survey there are four change driver shifting the advertising industry:

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  • How the Internet is Changing Advertising

    by Christian | March 14, 2010

    Here is a fun and informative video from Epiphio Studios. It talks about how new technology demands a new way to communicate. The internet is built around people searching for information and sharing their experiences with others.