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  • Case Study: How a 91-Year-Old Company Got Its Groove Back

    by Christian | February 2, 2011

    The following article was written by Leah Thayer for her site daily5Remodel. Please visit her site for more great content.

    Before there was jubilation in the classrooms of one Baltimore school, and before there were more than 65,000 visits to the website of one Baltimore roofing company, there was concern that something radically different needed to happen to regain market share for that 91-year-old, family-owned business.

    Here's a brief overview of how.

    The Challenge

    Cole Roofing, founded in 1919 and now in its fourth generation of family ownership, "never advertised a day" prior to about 10 years ago, when it became impossible to ignore a steady erosion of its long-held market share, said Bill Cole, a co-owner and great-grandson of the founder. New competitors were advertising and marketing heavily, whereas Cole Roofing was accustomed to essentially taking orders.

    As Cole told us for this December d5R Snapshots feature, "Bids would come across the fax machine, and we'd estimate and send them back out." When it became clear those days had ended, "we had to do something."

    The Plan

    In 2009, after exploring and abandoning options for radio and newspaper advertising -- the costs were unjustifiable, Cole thought -- he hooked up with a small digital marketing agency called Airplane Corporation. Airplane principal Christian Childs proposed an idea: to give away a green roof, and to leverage social media to spread the word and elicit interest. Read More…

  • High Gear Training Video Shoot Day

    by Christian | March 9, 2010

    Here are a few select shots from our video shoot today. Airplane Corporation's office was transformed into a studio!

    A special thanks goes out to Scott Rasmussen, Richard Chisolm and the entire team at 3 More Frames Media