BP, prudent to understand that the internet is a crucial part of spreading their message.

Regardless of one’s opinion on the BP oil crisis, there is no question that the company has been working hard to broadcast their message. BP is a high profile example of how a company can use digital, social and traditional media, as well as PR to get their message to the world.

The company is using traditional outlets such as print ads and television spots, but has also adopted tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube to spread their message. BP, which didn’t previously have a YouTube channel, now has one of the most subscribed channels with over 800,000 views.  BP also created a microsite dedicated to the oil spill cleanup operations, hosted on the company's main Web site. This is an important outlet to present up-to-date information on what viewers are interested in seeing.

BP was prudent to understand that the internet is a crucial part of spreading their message. However, the digital world is a transparent one – and BP is quickly learning this. Social media, although a great tool to convey content, is simply a tool. BP must still produce engaging content to communicate. Modern communication tools allow the message to spread easily, even if the message is that CEO Tony Hayward wants to get his life back.

BP had a very weak social media presence before the catastrophe and has been quick to adopt the tool as a means of communication. However, the effort certainly has its flaws. For example BP restricted the ability to comment on their Facebook page and disabled comments completely on their YouTube channel. These actions limit the effectiveness of social media, removing the conversational element that engages users. The company has improved their social media presence, but has made and continues to make mistakes in the process. Logging into the digital world, however, was not one of them.

Albeit a PR disaster, the situation does provide an interesting case study on how a company must adapt to the changing marketplace in order to communicate its message. Think your company may want to expand beyond the traditional outlets? It’s probably a good thought.

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