Neilson Report on Facebook Ad Effectiveness

Please note that much of the content from this post comes from Jennifer Van Grove's article on Mashable.

Nielsen analyzed over six months of survey data from 800,000 Facebook users in response to more than 125 Facebook ad campaigns from 70 different brand advertisers. After analyzing the data the study concluded that earned media and social advocacy contributed to Facebookers being much more likely to notice ads, absorb their content and make purchases.

The data clearly shows that the social advocacy of earned media played a substantial role in the performance of homepage ads on Facebook. According to the data, ad recall grew from 10% to 16%, awareness doubled from 4% to 8% and purchase intent quadrupled from 2% to 8%. That last metric is perhaps the most telling, and shows that when a Facebook user advocates for an ad, the ad is 4x more likely to result in a purchase.

In the organic impression department, Nielsen found that “those users exposed to both the ‘paid ad’ and the organic impression remembered the ad at three times the rate of those just exposed to the paid homepage ad,” and that “homepage ads increased awareness of the product or brand by 4% on average, but exposure to both homepage ads and organic ads increased awareness by a delta of 13% versus the control group.”

The bottom line is that the more the user was exposed to paid and earned media — with a combination of both packing a powerful punch — the greater the ad recall, awareness and purchase intent.

  • John Davis

    Mr. Airplane, This is very useful information. You manage to bring some clarity around Facebook advertising. Am I going to run out and start advertising in Facebook - not yet. However, when I do I will better informed thanks to your research.

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